Sunday, April 20, 2008

Red Box Outing~

Date : 18th April
Time :3-6pm
Venue: RedBox (Gurney Plaza)
Whos there:
Me, GavC, Wendy, Pippo,Jasonlow(new),Benjie(New)

Late Comers and Early Leavers : Cedric, Jessie(New),JJ

GavC JasonLow (new shouter)and benjie(new shouter)

what's with these bikini photos? obviously everytime u see these u will know here comes GavC 's song... XD

Wanna Be? :P Gavc rap with actions!!!

Karaoke King Sinigng with Styles~

They are doing the "LION DANCE" without the Lion's head!

They are also the two who "PONTENG CLASS" XD
After that we go lepak at the arcade... Wendy (as ussual) challenge ppl on the dancing machine... the challenger that day is Ben
After that... we went for Daytona Race!
Champion: JasonLow
1st Runner-Up: Ms Wendy
2nd Runner Up: aiya rank too low ! no point and not even interested to mention about him oso hahahhahah XD
We went to grab something to eat after that from the food court... the Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng really tempting.. oso the Sizzling Mee.... drooling!!!
Its a fun fun day! ;)


jėss.T said...

i have the other piccies!! =)

rachelK said...

oh like tatz la .. go redbox never call me .. =p

kxin said...

jess: will u blog and post? i'll grab from u... or u send to my msn la

rachel: sudden decision geh... u working ma! its kind of shout out outing lai eh...

rachelK said...

oh... like tat la.. can call 1 ma.. if im free , i can go 1 ma , hng ! i will go tonite, sing until midnite =p

GavC said...

rachel : adui if u go ah, i think the security guard will carry u out for da noise pollution u make.. haha

rachelK said...

wat la .. i hav a very nice voice than u kay gavC !!!!! wait n see my updated blog tomolo.. fun then u all .. blek .. sleepy dee.

kxin said...

then the next time the karaoke king gavc will challenge the karaoke queen Rach!!! ;)

rachelK said...

lol .. challange him ? aiya .. sub sub water la !!!!! lol
dun want challange him la . ltr he lost the cry .. bo ho la !! =p