Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prince of the Family - part 1

I'm posting this to show my gratitudes towards those who loves me so much! I really appreciate it very much!

First of all thanks to my parents who FULLY SPONSORED me for my Hong Kong Trip recently and also being so supportive to educate me with Primary Education in Disted College(arghh the fee is costly) and Secondary Education - music lessons like violin and piano, also the dancing classes like Hip Hop and Latin in Penang and in KL! Thanks a lot! Ya music lesson might sounds common to u in todays world but not everyone has the privilage to learn it! I do appreciate it a lot! Thx!

Since young about standard two my parents FORCED me to take up violin and piano! That time i was still a "know nothing" innocent kid who only knows playing "Ar chit lo" "ka li toi" "pepsi-cola" "bakuli"(marbles)... obviously if u ask me i would definitely say no to those BORING lessons at that age!!!

Thank God for His blessing!

Now when i grew up with the music knowledge and talent, i never regreted learning them! =) thx for forcing me to learn when i'm still a kid, or else there won't be a kxin - Music Lover today! ;)


rachelK said...

oh .. u know violin and piano ?? omg. cool ! is a great thg to being the musical ! i was too regret i given up my piano lesson .. sigh

kxin said...

ya i love music ;)

really thank my parents for that! =D