Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pahit Dulu Enjoy Later~ Hong Kong Here i come!!!

Arghhh.... this 2 weeks is killing me!!! Today is already Thursday! As most of you know i am going to Hong Kong.

Date : 26 April -02 May

Obviously it will be fun! 

b4 that its wise to finished all the assignment first before going to enjoy! So nothing will hold me back, nothing to worry about for my studies when i am away... but how heavy is my assignments? How many assignments?

Below are the assignments i need to finish b4 going to Hong Kong!

Due Date        Assignments

1) 21 April  - Business Communication   
                       Document Analysis and Audio Analysis

2) 25 April  -   Finance Test
3) 25 April - Business Communication   
                       Oral  Report 

4) 5 May   -   Business Communication  
                       Short Written Report (1500 words) 

5) 7 May  -    Marketing Strategies   Assignment

Help~~  TOLONG~~~

But after these, i can forsee that i will really enjoy my trip to Hong Kong!!!  Extremely Looking forward!!!

Give me strength to accomplish this Lord!!  Amen!


rachelK said...

lol .. good luck for ur assignments .. swt ! b4 going travel hav to makan pahit dulu .. amboey~ kesiannya... HK so fun meh.? n u learn ur cantonese dee?? =p

GavC said...

yeah.. he learn from the pro d... whos the pro u ask? me lo

kxin said...

i learn from the pro Noob! so i know the wrong method of speaking so i won't use the cantonese he speak XD haha

The pahit-ness baru can contrast out the BEST of hong kong ;) lol worth worth :P

Satkuru said...

woooot, you are finally going ! LOL ~

make sure you take loads of pics man :D

kxin said...

satkuru: i'll drop by ur place and pinjam ur dslr to hong kong lol XD

ok i will! thx bro. but with my "not so advance" camera... ;)

rachelK said...

gavC: u sure u pro ?? tink baik baik baru tell !! u pro ?? my teeth droup all !
Kx:Agree .. u shud not learn from him !! lol .. so , ur HOng kong trip muz got buah tangan d.. wei !! HK wife care . MACAO bak kua . pork roti . blah blah blah!!

kxin said...

hong Kong makan till i drop weeeee ~ XD

FireWire said...

1st time to HK? i had a blast :)

rachelK said...

droup ? lol !

kxin said...

firewire u go for holiday or kerja?

how much u spend for how many days?

rach: lol i dun really do shoppings.. but of course will oso la... somehow i will eat more and eat better :P

rachelK said...

aguh KX kor kor . i did'nt ask u go shopping n buy buah tangan for us .. =p i juz wan tat HK eh cake, biscuit . HK famous eh wife cake =)
hahah .. joking la .

curiositykills said...

u'd better finish everything, and i mean EVERYTHING before u even meet me in KL ok??
eh we have a few days left!!! i a bit gan chiong d!! lols!!

gambate in ur assignment!! ;)cheers!

we shall go to HK and we SHALL celebrate! with u treating of course.

Minny said...

and God bless for your assignments + test
you can do it :D

have fun in HK!

kxin said...

rach: lol if convenient punya souvenir i sure bring back geh dun worry ;) thos buiscuit hard la very troublesome satu kotak satu kotak XD

Curiositykills: lol my treat? :P bo lui la u r richer than me >.<
some more work lo :P okok i know its internship only allowance XD

minny: thx u too ;) god bless on ur finals too! or finished d?